“Advanced English”

Future Target Institute is a leading Spoken English Training Center in Dubai

What is the Advanced English Training and why is it important?

Do you want to take your English Skills to the next level? Future Target Institute’s Advanced English Course is designed to help you improve your English-speaking fluency, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary (lexical resource). Our expert English trainers train you using interactive exercises, group discussions, role-play activities and proven strategies.
Course Features
During Future Target Institute’s Advanced English Course, you will learn:
– Listening and comprehending different accents
– In-depth understanding of advanced English grammar
– To use a wide range of vocabulary with natural and sophisticated control of lexical features
– Expressions and idioms
– Stress, intonation, phenomes and correct pronunciation
– Increase your grammatical range: tenses
– Creating a wide variety of complex sentences
– How to present yourself confidently in different situations and convey price meanings
– Different reading skills
– To increase your reading speed (wpm) and comprehension

Advanced English Training Prep Dubai – Study material

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Introducing yourself and appropriate greetings
  • Conversing in varied social situations
  • Organizing social events and sending invitations
  • Formal and informal language
  • An introduction to language within the workplace
  • Appropriate telephone manners
  • How to conduct meetings and presentations
  • Phrases and idioms
  • Giving directions
  • Join a group or register for private classes

Advanced English Training For All Levels

  • English Beginners Level

    English Language course for Beginners

    FTI’s English Beginner Course is carefully shaped to help our students to improve their language skills. Our focus is to do our best to make sure that your ambitions are fulfilled. Our unique way of assessing helps us to group our students effectively so it is ensured that you are all your needs attended to individually.


    • Tenses
    • Passive
    • Models, Imperatives, etc.
    • Auxiliary Verbs
    • Questions
    • Pronouns and Possessives
    • ‘A’ and ‘The’
    • Prepositions
  • English Intermediate Level

    English Language Intermediate Level

    FTI’s English Intermediate course is designed for developing all the four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing to the next level. There are two levels in English Intermediate course. The course material is prepared with the aim to give maximum benefit to our students and is focused on improving any weak language skills. We conduct regular assessments helps us understand students’ progress and to give them proper guidance.  You can have a glance at the language skills you will acquire and the content we provide in our two levels of English language Intermediate course below.


    • Tenses
    • Present Perfect and Past
    • Modals
    • If and Wish
    • Passive
    • Reported Speech
    • Questions and Auxiliary verbs
    • Articles and Nouns
    • Pronouns and Determiners
    • Adjectives and Adverbs
    • Relative Clauses
    • Conjunctions
    • Prepositions
    • Phrasal Verbs
  • English Advanced Level

    English Language Advanced Level

    FTI’s English language course advanced is for students who have already acquired good English but want to improve their language skills further as well as their range of vocabulary. FTI’s English Advanced course focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We help you to revise your language and communicate with better confidence. Below you can see some of the material covered in this courses:


    • Tenses : reviews, comparisons and more usages
    • Modals and semi-modals
    • Linking verbs and clauses
    • Passive, active and reporting
    • Prepositions
    • Nouns, Articles, quantifiers and determiners
    • Pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions


Course Schedule

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Mobile: 050 660 8494
Email: Info@ftiuae.com