Pearson Tests Of English ( PTE )

Prepare for PTE 

Do you dream of living in Australia? Did the requirement of PTE pop up in the Australia PR process? Well, look no further! Future Target Institute is here to help you get a high PTE score so you may make your dream a reality. Our expert trainers have prepared a short crash course with the most effective exam techniques, skills and proven strategies so you may ace the PTE exam with as little hassle as possible.

Advantages of choosing FTI
During this specialized PTE Training, you will learn:
• Effective exam techniques, strategies and skills to be used in the exam
• All parts of the exam including the 20 different question types that you will be getting in the exam
• Individual feedback is given to help you improve
• Weekly mock tests are conducted for best results

Course Overview:

Price: 1,500 AED
Duration: 32 hours (approx. 1.5 months)