Future Target Institute is proud to announce its partnership with LanguageCert. We are officially an approved LanguageCert Testing Centre, offering our students the chance to get an internationally recognised English Qualification.

Here are some of the benefits of the LanguageCert qualifications:

  • Internationally recognised Awarding Body: you will improve your chances for academic progression and have access to better employment opportunities.
  • Tests functional language use: you will be able to use English successfully for both making friends across borders and working internationally.
  • Mapped to the CEF: you will receive an objective feedback on your language knowledge measured by internationally accepted standards.
  • Communicative exam: you will need to be able to use English, focusing primarily on communicative skills rather than vocabulary range or grammar; thereby you can take a LanguageCert exam even if you have been preparing for another exam.
  • Indefinite exam validity: the certificate has indefinite validity.

You can find more information about the LanguageCert qualifications on the Speak website by clicking HERE.

If you would like more information about the LanguageCert qualifications, visit their website by clicking HERE.

What Our Students say about us

Thanks FTI for helping me turn my ambitions to reality!


I joined Future Target Institute (FTI) around 1-2 months before my final IGCSE exams, which has been one of the most nerve raking experiences of my life. I was however very passionate to get better grades, but there was only so much that I could do on my own, and I was in desperate need of tutors that would actually help me push my grades. Nevertheless, with a low grade C in Sciences and Math’s, I had been embarrassed of asking any institution for help due to the inexplicably minute amount of time that was left.

Soon, I nervously contacted FTI and asked for a few lessons, and that’s where all the magic started. After a few classes I had been so motivated both academically and emotionally and was surprised at the progress I was making. And as one of my tutors- Sitara always said “…everyone is blessed with a gift, all we need to do is learn to explore these within us…” and that’s when I realized that I too was able to achieve the aspirational grades as nobody is ‘born gifted’ but we rather have to work hard to become a certain way, and FTI was what was able to provide that for me. After my IGCSE’s I returned with an A in both my Sciences and Math’s, and was awarded as one of the highest academic achievers at school. If there is anyone that deserves the trophy more than me it is the tutors at FTI that helped me when no one else did. Hence, anyone can achieve the rewards they want, there are endless possibilities out there, and Future Target Institute is one of them.

The very helpful teachers, friendly learning environment


“The very helpful teachers, friendly learning environment and the fact that the methods of instruction aren't dry, instead multi-media innovative techniques are used to help us learn. I improved from band 5 to 6.5 in 3 weeks”

I got what I needed, Thank you so much for your Cooperation


“ I came to class for general knowledge of the English Language and I believe that I got what I needed. I would advice my friends and family to take the classes as well. Thank you so much for your Cooperation.”

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