“CIMA Qualification”

What is the CIMA Qualification?

By taking the CIMA exam you will become a CGMA and join the worlds largest professional body of management accounts and be a part of a truly global network of over 600,000 current and upcoming financial professionals.

There three levels of the exam, first is the operational level which covers the implementation of strategy, as well as reporting on the implementation of strategy and is focused on the short-term results. The second one is the management level, it conveys the strategy decided at higher levels, and communicates it to lower levels for implementation as well as monitors and reports on the implementation of strategy and has a medium-term focus. The third is the strategic level which concentrates on making strategic decisions and providing the context for which those decisions will be implemented and is focused in the long-term.

Why CIMA Qualification with FTI? – CIMA Dubai

  • Core accounting and finance skills
  • Financial accounting and reporting, cost accounting
  • Management, planning and control.
  • Reporting and analysis,
  • Corporate finance and treasury management,
  • Risk management, internal control, taxation and accounting information systems.
  • Business acumen Strategy, analysis of market and macro-economic environments, process management, business relations, project management and awareness of the regulatory environment.
  • People skills Ability to influence, negotiation skills, decision-making, collaborative working and communication.
  • Leadership skills team building, coaching and mentoring, driving performance, change management, and ability to motivate and inspire. All these are underpinned by ethics, integrity and professionalism and much more.


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