“CELTA Certification”

Future Target institute is leading CELTA course center.

What is the Cambridge CELTA certification?

The CELTA is vastly recognized and regarded as the best TEFL/TESOL certification worldwide. It is designed for people with high proficiency of English wanting to become English teachers. It’s awarded by the University of Cambridge’s English Language Assessment, meaning it is recognized by the best language institutions, schools,  universities worldwide as well as in the United Arab Emirates. Every year, more than 10,000 people worldwide complete a CELTA course.

CELTA Course Content

The course is divided into:

  1. Language Analysis

These sessions develop an ability to study language in terms of meaning, form, sound and usage and is mainly focused on grammar and pronunciation.

  1. Methodology

These sessions cover:

  • different approaches to language teaching techniques for teaching and practice of new language
  • classroom management
  • lesson-planning
  • use of market produced and authentic materials developing listening, reading and writing skills
  1. Teaching Practice

Each trainee is required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice with classes of mature learners.

  1. Observation of Experienced Teachers

This involves observing Language Centre teachers for a total of 8 hours during the certification course.

CELTA Course Assessment

Assessment is continuous and is based on:

  • Performance in Teaching Practice as an ability to evaluate one’s own lessons as well as the quality/punctuality of written assignments of students
  • Design lesson plans.
  • Participation in all aspects of the course attendance is expected to be 100%

It is possible to pass the course at three levels: Pass A – Pass B – Pass

The final grades are awarded by the trainers and confirmed by the visiting Cambridge ESOL assessor after the course.


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How to Apply for the CELTA with FTI in Dubai, UAE

If you meet the requirements to do the CELTA Course, please write to us at info@ftiuae.com.

After completing your request and any necessary assignments you will be invited to an interview which can be conducted in person, by telephone or via Skype.